CMS Enabled Website & Manage Your Website From Anywhere

CMS Enabled Website– Manage Your Website From Anywhere

A website that meets most of your business needs runs and functions as your very own Content Management System. It provides you with a very effective tool to show cause your business. You can create any number of pages, add and edit contents, have a large gallery of images, upload videos. The best thing of CMS website is it has a inbuilt SEO tool.

Owning your own website, customized to your needs is a good leverage you can give to your business in todays internet dependent industry. The internet has penetrated all types of business say from a single sales window to a highly sophisticated business set ups, making a strategized website quintessential to succeed in the business.

Bizmax CMS websites enables you to manage the contents of your website such page creation, III tier menus , album enabled gallery, product/package descriptive, audio visual page, twin type download page, enquiry forms, feedback box, news and events , banner display and many more unique features. To top it up all this tools can be adapted to unlimited extent and managed by a control panel that is user friendly. Our products are designed in such a way so as to provide you a user friendly website to optimize your business. Our product is made more appealing by its pricing, which is very cost effective, for not only value our customers but their time and money as well.

Multi functional Responsive CMS Website– Enhance good quality traffic to your website

Responsive website are the trend of the day which business people are opting to promote their business better. The spate of gadgets that is filling the market each day has created different tools to access the internet such as desktops, tabs, laptops, notebooks, mobiles, smart phones. The latest entrant in the web site architecture comes with many unique features. It can be accessed from any type of internet access gadgets. It adopts accordingly and adjusts itself according to the screen of the gadgets. A responsive business website comes with a distinct look, optimized quality and is user friendly.

CMS Website
100% Customizable

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application used to create, edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently organized fashion. The content managed may include computer files, image media, audio files, video files, electronic documents, and Web content.

CMS Website
Easy Rich Text Editors

Users can quickly build content within's Web UI interface without ever having to use external tools. Spell check and text styling are included, enabling anyone to create content without requiring coding knowledge or the need to use other complex tools. Users can also leverage the leading external web design tools.

CMS Website
One-Click Page Creation

Web structures and templates allow common web layouts to be predefined and saved for future web pages. With One-Click Page Creation, users can create a new page and immediately begin adding content to the page layout, allowing web pages to be setup within minutes without any developer support required.

CMS Website
Live Page Editing

Pages from a live site can be edited and previewed without affecting what is seen on the public site, then publishing all within the online editor. Users can use this same method to edit individual pages, entire communities, or full portals. also allows users to "roll-back" to previous versions of pages, sites Banners, or Links.

CMS Website
Search Engine Optimization (SEO Tool)

With SEO tool ability to easily create web content, blogs, wikis and to share documents, Web Portal allows a website to become a valuable repository of information. While's internal search can be used to find data within the portal, also optimizes updates to the site map information and makes new pages instantaneously searchable by external search engines.

CMS Website
Customizeable Pages

Site administrators can designate portions of a webpage (Links / Sublinks) to be Set with features like, Content Page, Gallery page (With Album / Only Image Gallery / Gallery with info details), Enquiry Page, Product Page, Packages Pages (For Tour operators) and Download Pages and also you can use addons features like Polls, News, Events, Testimonials and Video Publishing Page, Based on your preferences.

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