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Bizmax offers promotional advertisement with the url of website, social networking pages or any other urls, where as client can search their needs by keyword and they will be getting results based on keyword used to search. Your promotional advertisement appears on the top of the result page, and also appears randamly all the time by side of the search page. so that browsers never miss to see your promotional advertisement while looking for customers to do business with them. it is impartant that you can provide your contact information like ex:"Call 080 65666555 for more details or special offer" in your promotional advertiement. To convert more users.

A method of sales promotion used frequently is offers & price promotion, either by discounting the normal selling price, or by offering more of the product but at the normal price. Price promoting needs to be used with care because increased sales are at the expense of loss in profit, though that is sometimes more than offset when customers buy other products in the store at full price. Overly used price promotions can also have a negative impact on the brand. Consumers may begin to feel the product or service is discounted because the selling company is having trouble and wants to unload as much stock as possible. so advertise effectively with more information about the promotional products or services. while advertising online please do change your proper landing page which talks about new offers or discounts which you offer, in other way increasing the site traffic is aslo a goal.
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