The advantages of a static website

"Static" means unchanged or constant, while "dynamic" means changing or lively. Therefore, static Web pages contain the same prebuilt content each time the page is loaded, while the content of dynamic Web pages can be generated on runtime. Standard HTML pages are static Web pages.

If you have a small business, with a limited budget set aside for marketing, then a static website may just be a good way of getting yourself an online presence. A static site can be as little as Rs.3000+, so it is definitely a cheaper option.

You can almost think of a static website as a brochure. It would typically have some information about your business on the homepage, info on services or products, and then contact details.
  • Fast (since the only needy files are regenerated)
  • Easy to host and use
  • Supports translating any files
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
  • Extendable by writing add-ons in Java Script
  • Easy to configure if one knows