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Gone are the days when a well maintained building qualified as your business address bringing you your customers to your door steps. The turnaround given to the world by the advent of the World Wide Web and the advancement in internet technology has today made it a mandatory need for businesses to have a online presence, in the form an official website, in other words a virtual office, a web browser address, a email address , social media page etc. Business today promotes itself and succeeds in COMS, INs, ORGs et all. An amazing web site announces your presence grandly and strongly.

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Designing a website is equivalent to building a judicious and picture perfect virtual profile of yours. It is a technical art that should take into account the various facets of your business, both present and futuristic, matching up to the latest trends, needs and optimizations. A well planned and well designed website should be SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing friendly and compatible. It has to be a byproduct of various tools, languages and platforms such as HTML, Cascade Style Sheet (CSS), J Query, Java Script,.Net, MS SQL , Bootstrap. A very high quality website that meets your expectations supported with viable pricing can be built for better than anyone by BIZMAX. Bizmax finds pride in offering you highly qualified and experienced Web Design Architects to serve your purpose.

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Static Web Site Design

A static website is attractive and is browser friendly. It is a best buy if you are looking for a simple and affordable web design that gives you the needed portrayal on the internet. It comes with your domain name and hosting space and limited numbers of e mail ids for your communications. The website is built on a HTML coding platform to suit your needs. To cater to the need of emerging small businesses we have simple but effective plan. It carries 5 distinct web pages with one enquiry form enabling you to give faster service without comprising the quality of you business.

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CMS Enabled Website

The CMS Enabled Website is the most suited web solution for business and people. It provides a very helpful tool if you have to constantly update and upgrade your website contents and images. A website that meets most of your business needs runs and functions as your very own Content Management System. It provides you with a very effective tool to show cause your business. You can create any number of pages, add and edit contents, have a large gallery of images, upload videos. The best thing of CMS website is it has a inbuilt SEO tool

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Responsive Website

Responsive website are the trend of the day which business people are opting to promote their business better. The spate of gadgets that is filling the market each day has created different tools to access the internet such as desktops, tabs, laptops, notebooks, mobiles, smart phones. The latest entrant in the web site architecture comes with many unique features. It can be accessed from any type of internet access gadgets. It adopts accordingly and adjusts itself according to the screen of the gadgets. A responsive business website comes with a distinct look, optimized quality and is user friendly

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E Commerce Website

Bizmax has complete e commerce solutions in its folds to meet your business needs. Get yourself your own e commerce platform that would offer you with a window to sell your products online, attract and convert new customers, retain loyal customers and serve them better, manage your merchandising, optimize sales life cycle, improvised back end operations, supplement brand building capacity, digital catalog of products. Begin your e commerce journey with Bizmax, all at a considerate pricing for you.

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FaceBook Page Creation

What began as a social media platform that connected people has gone through a metamorphosis to become a successful promotional platform. You guessed it right , we are talking about facebook here. Creating a facebook business page helps in bringing a lot of attention and also customers to your doorstep. Any user can create a business page on facebook, but giving it a professional touch turns the spot light on to your page. Bizmax does the same for you.

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Landing Page for Google Adwords

The sole purpose of creating your PPC Ad in Google adwords is to gain more traffic and enhance conversion rates. Do it by creating a unique landing page. Let your landing page convey effectively, impress your customer with relevant and clear information. High quality landing pages enhances your conversion rates and at the same the relevance of your pages reduces your conversion costs. Bizmax assists you to create best landing pages for you. The landing pages we create for you supplement the quality of your PPC ads and also get you the maximum conversions. We change your landing page into a gateway for your customers to reach you.

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